About Us

The MISSION of the Harris County Pollution Control Services Department (PCS) is to positively impact Harris County residents by proactively driving improvements to air, water, and soil quality through collaborative efforts with the community, expanded pollution monitoring and inspection programs, and innovative practices.

  • Enforcing the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Air, Water, Solid Waste and Harris County Stormwater Rules and Regulations.
  • Emergency response.
  • Responding to citizen complaints regarding air, water or solid waste problems.
  • Monitoring, inspecting, and investigating activities and facilities associated with air, water, stormwater, and solid and hazardous waste pollution.
  • Laboratory analysis of water, soil, and solid waste samples to identify and quantify compounds that may be hazardous, a public nuisance or detrimental to the environment.
  • Reviewing and commenting on TCEQ permit renewals and amendments.
  • Assessing and compiling reports and evidence relating to violations of environmental laws for civil or criminal litigation.

​Department Directory

Main Line/Complaint Line

Fax Main

Category Name Job Title Phone Email
WATER SERVICES Joseph Friez Investigator II 713-274-6410 joseph.friez@pcs.hctx.net
LAB SERVICES Ann Fagbuyi Chemist II 713-274-6349 ann.fagbuyi@pcs.hctx.net
FIELD INVESTIGATION SERVICES Sharri Sims Environmental Investigator 713-274-6334 sharri.sims@pcs.hctx.net
EMERGENCY RESPONSE SERVICES Aron Garza Emergency Response Speciliast 713-274-6822 aron.garza@pcs.hctx.net
EMERGENCY RESPONSE SERVICES Jocelyn Fernandez Emergency Response Specialist 713-274-6461 jocelyn.fernandez@pcs.hctx.net
LAB SERVICES Shaun Mitchem Environmental Analytical Chemist 713-274-6318 shaun.mitchem@pcs.hctx.net
COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION Jieying Ding GIS Specialist 713-274-6368 jieying.ding@pcs.hctx.net
COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION Jessica Lodge Community Engagement Specialist 713-274-6270 jessica.logde@pcs.hctx.net
FLEET SERVICES Chris Stuckey Fleet Specialist 713-274-6832 chris.stuckey@pcs.hctx.net
FIELD INVESTIGATION SERVICES Nicole Harris Environmental Investigator 713-274-6437 nicole.harris@pcs.hctx.net
FIELD INVESTIGATION SERVICES Ja'On Jones Environmental Investigator 713-274-6827 jaon.jones@pcs.hctx.net
FIELD INVESTIGATION SERVICES Nicolette Vallot Environmental Investigator 713-274-6387 nicolette.vallot@pcs.hctx.net
LAB SERVICES Jane Ngari QA/QC 713-274-6830 jane.ngari@pcs.hctx.net
LAB SERVICES Vanessa de Vera Manager 713-274-6352 vanessa.devera@pcs.hctx.net
COMPLIANCE SERVICES Jessie Roberts Compliance Coordinator - Solid Waste 713-274-6820 jessie.roberts@pcs.hctx.net
TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT Cassandra Clark Training & Safety Officer 713-274-7233 cassandra.clark@pcs.hctx.net
LAB SERVICES Amisha Jewitt Chemist II 713-274-6828 amisha.jewitt@pcs.hctx.net
FIELD INVESTIGATION SERVICES Amber Brooks Environmental Investigator 713-274-6359 amber.brooks@pcs.hctx.net
COMPLIANCE SERVICES Falko Koenig Enforcement Coordinator 713-274-6820 falko.koenig@pcs.hctx.net
EMERGENCY RESPONSE SERVICES Guillermo Vera Emergency Response Specialist 713-274-6372 guillermo.vera@pcs.hctx.net
EMERGENCY RESPONSE SERVICES Michael Lowe Emergency Response Specialist 713-274-4691 michael.lowe@pcs.hctx.net
AIR MONITORING SERVICES Curtis Densmore Monitoring & Surveillance Specialist 713-274-6821 curtis.densmore@pcs.hctx.net
AIR MONITORING SERVICES Linsey Weston Air Monitoring Coordinator 713-274-6434 linsey.weston@pcs.hctx.net
EMERGENCY RESPONSE SERVICES Alexandria Moore Emergency Response Specialist 713-274-6424 alexandria.moore@pcs.hctx.net
LAB SERVICES Maria Vasquez Lab Custodian 713-274-6418 maria.vasquez@pcs.hctx.net
AIR MONITORING SERVICES Elvis Martinez Air Monitoring Coordinator 713-274-6332 elvis.martinez@pcs.hctx.net
LAB SERVICES Merilyn Duarte Chemist I 713-274-6346 merilyn.duarte@pcs.hctx.net
EXECUTIVE Dimetra Hamilton Deputy Director, Communications Division and Media Relations 713-274-6416 dimetra.hamilton@pcs.hctx.net
PERMIT SERVICES Christopher Baecke Water Specialist 713-274-6331 chris.baecke@pcs.hctx.net
EMERGENCY RESPONSE SERVICES Megan Rasefske Supervisor 713-274-6355 megan.rasefske@pcs.hctx.net
PERMIT SERVICES William Lathan Emission Event Specialist 713-274-7263 William.Lathan@pcs.hctx.net
COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION Kayla Roman Manager 713-274-6488 kayla.roman@pcs.hctx.net
FIELD INVESTIGATION SERVICES Roger Jones Supervisor 713-274-7262 roger.jones@pcs.hctx.net
LAB SERVICES Evirgia Stewart Supervisor-Wet Lab 713-274-6440 evirgia.stewart@pcs.hctx.net
LAB SERVICES Sophie Mendiola Wet Chemist 713-274-7266 Sophie.Mendiola@pcs.hctx.net
WATER SERVICES Ushante Cannon Investigator II 713-274-6823 ushante.cannon@pcs.hctx.net
PERMIT SERVICES Herman Rogers Permit Services Manager 713-274-6237 Herman.Rogers@pcs.hctx.net
ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES Briana Thomas Administrative Secretary 713-274-6825 briana.thomas@pcs.hctx.net
FIELD INVESTIGATION SERVICES Todd Jackson Senior Investigator 713-274-6821 Todd.Jackson@pcs.hctx.net
WATER SERVICES Desiree Vargas Wastewater Investigator 713-274-6238 desiree.vargas@pcs.hctx.net
EXECUTIVE Veronica Bosquez Administrative Assistant Communications Divison 713-274-6365 veronica.bosquez@pcs.hctx.net
AIR MONITORING SERVICES Matt Sole Air Monitoring Coordinator 713-274-6818 matthew.sole@pcs.hctx.net
AIR MONITORING SERVICES Eric Bergholtz Concrete Batch Plant Specialist 713-274-6330 eric.bergholtz@pcs.hctx.net
PERMIT SERVICES Cameron Dews Air Permit Specialist 713-274-6345 cameron.dews@pcs.hctx.net
EMERGENCY RESPONSE SERVICES Taylor Johnson Emergency Response Specialist 713-274-6274 taylor.johnson@pcs.hctx.net
FIELD INVESTIGATION SERVICES Veronique Baker Supervisor 713-274-6435 veronique.baker@pcs.hctx.net
EXECUTIVE Tyler Anderson Administrative Assistant Operations and Policy Division 713-274-6405 tyler.anderson@pcs.hctx.net
WATER SERVICES Nuguent Cotton Manager 713-274-6366 nuguent.cotton@pcs.hctx.net
LAB SERVICES Sandra Hoyt Lab Supervisor – Organic 713-274-7265 sandra.hoyt@pcs.hctx.net
EMERGENCY RESPONSE SERVICES Daizja Dailey Emergency Response Specialist 713-274-6353 daizja.dailey@pcs.hctx.net
ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES Tania Requena Administrative Secretary 713-274-6824 tania.requena@pcs.hctx.net
COMPLIANCE SERVICES Helmi Merkhi Enforcement Coordinator 713-274-6325 helmi.merkhi@pcs.hctx.net
EXECUTIVE Stuart Mueller Deputy Director Technical Division 713-274-6414 stuart.mueller@pcs.hctx.net
PERMIT SERVICES Elita Castleberry Solid Waste Specialist 713-274-6236 elita.castleberry@pcs.hctx.net
WATER SERVICES Leslie Warren Senior Investigator 713-274-6819 Leslie.Warren@pcs.hctx.net
WATER SERVICES Nakailla Poole Investigator 713-274-6524 nakailla.poole@pcs.hctx.net
COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION Suraj Batavia Senior Graphic Designer 713-274-6307 suraj.batavia@pcs.hctx.net
COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION David Becker CRM Adminstrator 713-274-6310 david.becker@pcs.hctx.net
LAB SERVICES Cicy Jacob Chemist II 713-274-6439 cicy.jacob@pcs.hctx.net
EXECUTIVE Kristi Jones Administrative Assistant Technical Divison 713-274-6309 kristi.jones1@pcs.hctx.net
AIR MONITORING SERVICES Matt Van Vleck Air Monitoring Manager 713-274-6412 matt.vanvleck@pcs.hctx.net
EXECUTIVE Dr. Latrice Babin Executive Director 713-274-6433 latrice.babin@pcs.hctx.net
WATER SERVICES Bryan Kosler Water Coordinator 713-274-6342 bryan.kolser@pcs.hctx.net
EXECUTIVE Kimesha E. Sonnier, MBA Deputy Director Operations and Policy Division 713-274-6430 Kimesha.Sonnier@pcs.hctx.net
COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION Annie Tapia Community Engagement Supervisor 713-274-7261 annie.tapia@pcs.hctx.net
COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION Ericka Jackson LIMS Coordinator 713-274-6350 ericka.jackson@pcs.hctx.net
LAB SERVICES Vana Morton Lab Sample Custodian 713-274-6441 vana.morton@pcs.hctx.net
COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION Valerie Coronado Toxicologist 713-274-6275 valerie.coronado@pcs.hctx.net
AIR MONITORING SERVICES Arturo Sanchez Monitoring & Surveillance Specialist 713-274-6272 arturo.sanchez@pcs.hctx.net
COMMUNICATIONS DIVISION Ayan Zeng Data Analytics Supervisor 713-274-6468 ayan.zeng@pcs.hctx.net
WATER SERVICES Wade Guy Supervisor 713-274-6431 wade.guy@pcs.hctx.net