Permit Services


Facilities such as petrochemical plants, landfills, and sewage treatment plants must obtain permits from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) prior to operation. Types of permits issued by the TCEQ include air, solid waste generation and disposal and water permits including stormwater and industrial/municipal discharges.

The Permits Services Section (PSS) monitors TCEQ permitting activities in Harris County. When the permitting process begins PTS reviews the applications to ensure completeness and enforceability. Another consideration during permit review includes facility compliance history, or environmental track record. When issues or concerns arise during the permitting process PCS submits comments to the TCEQ noting those concerns, including suggestions, in an effort to strengthen the permit. PCS will also request Public Meetings and/or Public Hearings if the situation is warranted.

Find out how the public can participate in the TCEQ permitting process by clicking the link below:

Environmental Permitting: Participating in the Process