Field Services


The Field Services Section investigates complaints and conducts inspections related to air, water and soil quality.

These investigations may include proactive investigations or complaint responses for activities such as illegal outdoor burning, nuisance odors and dust, illegal dumping, and the discharge of sewage. Investigations are conducted at a variety of commercial and industrial facilities, including, landfills, mulch yards, recycling facilities, concrete batch plants, small quantity generators of hazardous waste and many others.

When violations of state and county environmental regulations are found a Violation Notice is issued to the responsible party. For additional information on the enforcement process, see the Compliance Services Section.

The Field Services section works closely with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the City of Houston, Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office, Harris County Constables, and other local governmental agencies to ensure complete resolution of all illegal civil or criminal activities. Joint investigations are conducted for issues crossing jurisdictional lines.