Compliance Cases

Intercontinental Terminals Company LLC. (ITC) First Amended Original Petition and Application for Temporary Restraining Order and Temporary and Permanent Injunctions:


Compliance Cases

Emergency response personnel and investigators with the Harris County Pollution Control Services Department, the Harris County Office of Emergency Management, and the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office responded to the ITC facility on March 17, 2019 when a series of tanks caught fire and burned until March 20, 2019, with subsequent fire flare-ups after. The attached petitions were filed on behalf of Harris County complaining that ITC violated the Harris County Stormwater Regulations, the Harris County Floodplain Regulations, committed acts of negligence, trespass and caused a nuisance at its bulk chemical facility located on a 265 acre tract of land adjacent to the Houston Ship Channel.

Arkema, Inc. First Amended Petition and Application for Permanent Injunction:

In August 2017, widespread flooding from Hurricane Harvey caused the Crosby plant to lose power, compromising the refrigeration of organic peroxide product and allowing it to decompose and ignite. The attached petition was filed on behalf of Harris County complaining that Arkema, Inc. caused, suffered, allowed, or permitted unauthorized air releases from its chemical manufacturing facility in Harris County, which caused adverse health effects and required nearby residents to be evacuated from their homes.

Sesco Cement, Corp. First Amended Petition and Application for Temporary and Permanent Injunctions and Agreed Temporary Injunction:

Harris County filed the attached petitions complaining that Sesco Cement Corp. allowed its cement packaging and distribution facility to conduct operations in violation of the Texas Clean Air Act, the Texas Solid Waste Disposal Act, and the Texas Water Code. An Agreed Temporary Injunction was sought by Harris County against Sesco and was granted by the court in June 2020 with temporary injunctive requirements that the facility was ordered to follow.

Wesley Zarsky:


On June 4, 2020 Harris County obtained a Temporary Restraining Order, then on June 15, 2020 an Agreed Temporary Injunction against Wesley Zarsky when Harris County Pollution Control investigators and Emergency Response personnel responding to complaints filed with Harris County Pollution Control observed what appeared to be oil disposed of on Mr. Zarsky’s property located at 1017 Church St. in Crosby, and observed oil saturated soil and spills on-site which discharged from the property to surrounding waters of the state.